On site Service

On site Service

Estrada Hélio Rosa dos Santos, 1000 Macae - RJ
Zip Code: 27925-540
Phone: +55 22 2763 3160


Av. Carlos Pellegrini 781, CA Buenos Aires

Zip code: C1009ABO

Phone: +54 11 2653 1991

On site Service

On site Service

3D Scanning Solutions

From survey to modeling, we specializes in all the process 

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HVAC Systems

World class solutions on HVAC systems whenever you need.

Workshop repairs

Hydraulic, superficial repais

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Hose integrity

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> Field Maintenance

> Commissioning
> Project Management

> Drilling Equipment
> Technical Fundamental

> Downhole Tools

> Drilling Equipment Assessment
> Drill Floor Personnel Assessment

> Assisted Operation

Macaé, RJ - Brazil, Estrada Hélio Rosa dos Santos, n 1000, Imboassica - (OSEP Brasil)

Zip Code: 27925-540          Phone: +55 22 2763-3160