> Drilling Project Management

IDEA specializes in the provision of integrated project management services for onshore and offshore drilling projects. We have a solid and integrated team with experts in all areas of the well construction, giving us the capability to deliver end-to-end engineering and drilling operations services. 


Drilling Project Management is a complete service including all aspects of well construction planning, well design, procurement and contracting of all services, HSEQ and emergency preparedness, operations set-up and support, and close-out.  

IDEA has developed a proven well delivery process to ensure that well operations are planned accurately and in detail, to consistently produce maximum value. We enter every project with the goal to deliver a return on investment of 5:1 or greater.  We strongly believe that the most efficient way to achieve cost reduction is People and Process therefore our Project Management service is governed by a doctrine of empowerment with full responsibility, reflecting the same policies applied by the most successful operators.

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> Drilling Equipment Assessment
> Drill Floor Personnel Assessment

The Idea Assessment Program addresses a complete investigation of the mais causes of efficiency losses by dysfunctions in the interaction between crew and drilling equipment.

Our specialized team evaluates the Operational Condition of Personnel and Equipment looking towards costless and safer operations.

2 levels describe our Assessment Program:

- Operation Survey

- Maintenance Survey